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The Young & The Restless star Kristoff St. John: My Past, My Future

              The Young & The Restless actor sits down with Prestige to discuss his upcoming documentary A Man Called GOD. Sylvia: Hello Mr. Kris, how are you today? Kristoff St.John: It is well today. I’m in sunny California, where it’s 80 degrees and it’s a beautiful day as each day is. Sylvia: Very good! First…



              The Young & The Restless actor sits down with Prestige to discuss his upcoming documentary A Man Called GOD.

Sylvia: Hello Mr. Kris, how are you today?

Kristoff St.John: It is well today. I’m in sunny California, where it’s 80 degrees and it’s a beautiful day as each day is.

Sylvia: Very good! First of all I want to say congratulations on your new documentary. Can you give us a brief synopsis about this new and controversial documentary.

Kristoff St.John: It’s a feature documentary that my family and I shot about thirty-four years ago. We went to the South of India to live in a holy man ashram. An ashram is merely a residence for someone who considers themselves holy, and the truth is, this particular man, whose name is Sathya Sai Baba, has fifty million followers globally and my family and I were just three people who were part of this organization. We went to India to shoot this documentary because we were already disciples and devotees of this man, and it didn’t take me long to figure out that this particular organization, and the man itself, the man that fifty million people call God, was shrouded with corruption, deception, a complete lack of spirituality, a very ungodly existence, for a man called God.

Sylvia: As you just stated you were fourteen years old at the time of the filming of this, and this introduction to this man, Sai Baba, was initiated by your step-mom, your father as well, and that’s what caused you troubles there. So before then were you actually familiar with the teachings and the beliefs of Sai Baba?

Kristoff St.John: Before we left for India, we had been indoctrinated roughly six years before we travelled there. My step-mother Maria and my father Christopher were coming out of the 60s and the 70s, as many people were from that hippie generation, looking for some sort of spiritual leader or teachings, that weren’t necessarily organized religions that the churches had to offer, and so East Indian or Hindu philosophy, the Buddhist philosophy, were very attractive to many people, and my parents were no different. So they gravitated towards the Eastern philosophy. And it’s interesting to me that the East has what the West has to offer, which is technology, and the West is searching hopelessly and helplessly, for what much of the East has, which is spirituality, supposedly. I found out that you don’t have to travel 12 to 50 thousand miles away from your home to find God, that God actually resides in your spirit inside of you. It was an interesting journey, that six years where we studied the teachings of the man, his philosophy, and ultimately finally, after Maria had taken a couple of trips there, we went there together as a family. My father had been asked by Sai Baba to make a documentary about him through Maria, and so he was asked to write a screenplay about Sai Baba’s young child life. So my dad did both of those things.

Read the entire interview in our JUNE/JULY issue (Get Your Copy Today)…Release Date July 24, 2014




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Black Teenager Attacked by Corrections Deputy in Florida, Investigation Underway



A Florida corrections deputy has been placed on leave after going on the attack against a 17-year-old at a juvenile center … and it’s all on video.

The teenager, Terrance Devon Reed III, was taken to the hospital after the violent altercation with Sarasota County Deputy Neil Pizzo last week. The surveillance footage shows Reed sitting on a bench with his arms tucked in his shirt when Pizzo marches toward him.

As Reed stands up and takes his arms out, the deputy immediately goes for his throat. A struggle ensues before Pizzo throws Reed to the ground, but at no point does the teenager appear to fight back.

Another deputy jumps in to try to wrangle Reed’s feet, and that’s when Pizzo strikes the teen on the back of the head multiple times. Reed’s then cuffed and helped to his feet … but not before suffering abrasions to his head.

The altercation reportedly began after Reed — who was previously arrested and charged with contempt of court, probation violations and cocaine possession — became uncooperative in a police lineup.

That, of course, doesn’t justify the violence by the deputy, and Sheriff Tom Knight says he’s disappointed in what he saw and Pizzo’s failure to de-escalate the situation.

Knight says he placed the deputy on administrative duty while an internal investigation is conducted.

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Tamar Braxton Boyfriend Files A Restraining Order Indicating Domestic



Tamar Braxton boyfriend is running to court asking for protection against her in what he describes as a domestic violence situation.

The singer’s BF, David Adefeso, filed for a restraining order Tuesday in L.A. seeking to prevent Domestic Violence and he’s asking a judge to grant him one against Tamar. For now, it’s unclear what he’s alleging she might’ve done.

It doesn’t look like the court has approved his request just yet  

At any rate, it’s another sign that things have been volatile lately in her life — especially as it pertains to David. Remember, he’s the one who called 911 not too long ago saying Tamar was threatening to kill herself. He also mentioned her WeTV beef to cops at the time.

Also keep in mind … family sources connected to Tamar have told us they believe she’s changed since getting with him — claiming her mood seems to align with his. We’ve also been told that David has come off as controlling in Tamar’s reality show, and that he’s been quite involved in her business decisions of late.

This continues to be a developing story…..

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Bodies of US Couple Found at Bottom of Well in Mexico



The bodies of a missing US couple have been found at the bottom of a well in Mexico.

Ian Hirschsohn, 78 and his 73-year-old wife Kathy Harvey had been missing since August 31, when they were supposed to return home to San Diego from a trip across the border.

Their abandoned car was found in Ensenada, just 90 minutes from the US border, last week.

Investigators then made the grim discovery on Thursday in an unpopulated area just south of the tourist hotspot.

The bodies were recovered over the weekend; San Diego police confirmed their identities, CBS8 reported.

Family members said the couple had been staying at a rented house in El Socorrito, about 200 miles south of the border, a town they frequented over the past 35 years.

Kathy texted her son Robert on August 28 to say they were going to either explore a gold mine or visit a beach; however the family lost contact with them on August 31.

After reporting them missing, the Consulate General in Tijuana finally informed the family the couple’s Toyota Land Cruiser had been found in Ensenada.

“She was really enjoying retirement and had multiple groups of friends,” Robert told the site. “She loved walking and traveling.  She had a huge bucket list of where she wanted to go.”

An investigation is now underway. The cause of deaths has not been revealed, nor has a motive, but investigators suspect foul play.

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