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    Promote your Small Business. Connect with customers and drive sales.
    Prestige Magazine Business Directory connects your Small Business with our over 450,000+ monthly readers.

    To all local, national, and international, stay at home businesses entrepreneurs, churches, barbershop, salons, restaurant, as well as Models, Photographers, and other potential client that have a project and wishing to get it out there to well over 450 thousands + reader.
    For the 2014 year issues of Prestige Magazine Buisness Directory. Have you business showcased in the magazine as well as on Prestige Website for a Special (Small Business Ad) . Your ad will display in our printed and website edition. Please submit the information below so that our advertising dept representative with call you. If you already have designed your ad or if you have not designed your business directory ad then for an additional $30 our design team to design yours. We're known as a professional magazine and submission must be in that nature.We have the right to refuse any submission. Please contact us if you have any questions or have a problem uploading files. If it is a large size file please visit and upload using wetransfer. If you have any questions you can contact us at 1--800-236-8013 or Business iPhone (270) 304-5328, email us at*

    We print 6 issues per year (If wishing to purchase a full year ad in the Business Directory see below yearly discounted price for orders that is paid in full at time of purchase.

    $45.00 per issue or $245 for the year (1/4 Business Card Size)________
    $55.00 per issue or $305 for the year ( 1/2 Page Business Directory Ad) _____
    $70.00 per issue or $400 for the year (Full Page Ad) _____

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