Over 40: Look Sexy, Be Sexy, and Feel Sexy

Health & Beauty / December 20, 2013

Do you want to Look and Feel Sexy after the age of 40? Above beauty, there is nothing sexier than a confident woman. A woman in her 40’s exudes an air of self-confidence that most 20-somethings lack. A woman that knows herself, and is comfortable in her own skin is sexy, plain and simple. When you add great posture, direct eye contact, and a big smile, a woman’s sex appeal becomes irresistible. These are some simple tricks to stay sexy for many years to come!

Your Face: When a woman uses moisturizer before bed and after her morning shower, it is easy to maintain a dewy complexion. Use makeup minimally, but do wear mascara and keep those brows shaped. As natural brows begin to shorten at the ends, filler should be used to open the eyes. Natural hues should be used on your brows and the eyelids themselves. Adding a rosy blush tone to the apple of the cheeks adds cheerful youth to the face. When it comes to your teeth, keep them clean and white. If you choose to use whiteners, please be conservative. When the shade is brighter than the whites of your eyes… teeth look unnatural. Finally, keep lips soft and supple with pale shades of gloss and keep them moisturized.

Your Hair: Regardless of whether you choose to color those silver strands or not, a great cut is essential. A stylist can provide a haircut that suits your face shape and lifestyle. Typically long hair is better left to the under 40 crowd, though occasionally a woman can pull off gorgeous, below the shoulder locks.

Your Body: A fit body is better than a skinny frame. Stay active and eat healthy. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and eat small meals throughout the day; never starve yourself to lose weight. Remember: muscle weighs heavy, so don’t judge yourself by the scale. Evaluate your body on how flexible it is and how strong you are. The more tone you have, the better you’ll feel and the more energy you will have. Get plenty of sleep, take your vitamins, and enjoy sunshine (sparingly).

Your Fashion: Classic lines never go out of style. Avoid trends unless they work with your body type and don’t offend the senses. For example, when we’re over the age of 40 skirts should rarely expose the thighs and pants should never have words across the rear. Clothes should not be skin tight or too revealing. It’s always sexy to bare the neck, arms, and legs. In everyday wear there is no reason to expose deep cleavage, the midriff, or your backside in low-rise pants. Accessorize sparingly and don’t go over the count of three. As a rule, never pair more than three pieces to one outfit including earrings, scarfs, belts, rings, bracelets, etc. More than three pieces may seem excessive. Let your style remain simple so that you shine through.

The biggest secret to sex appeal is hands down: Self-Confidence. Women who are confident project a certain aura and are noticed by others. When you feel sexy, you are sexy. Enjoy your face, your hair, your body, and fashion. When you’re sexy and over 40, it’s time to embrace your beauty while pursuing your dreams and enjoying life!


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