Mike Epps & Charlie Murphy is hilarious in the movie “Meet The Blacks”

News & Entertainment / March 24, 2016

Mike Epps is moving his family to Beverly Hills just in time for “The Purge” in new spoof comedy Meet the Blacks.

The film, co-written and directed by Deon Taylor, features the same premise as the 2013 thriller, but with one twist — Epps, his wife and kids are the only black family in the neighborhood.

“I’m going to cut the power now,” the villains tell the family once the crime spree begins. “Maybe if you smile, it will help us find you in the dark.”

The film features hilarious cameos from George Lopez — playing “President El Bama” — and Mike Tyson, as well as appearances by Charlie Murphy, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, Perez Hilton, and Vine star Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor. Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA is scoring original music for the film.

“We gotta do what the white people don’t do,” Epps says as the family flees from home invaders.

“Survive?” replies his on-screen daughter, Truth Be Told star Bresha Webb.

Check out the trailer to see more hilarious moments from the horror spoof.

Meet the Blacks hits theaters in April. Check back with Prestige for updates and more information on Meet The Blacks.

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