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Alabama News & Entertainment / Gospel / December 16, 2013

For those who don’t know who Life Through Colors is. Can you tell us alittle more about the group?


Rockette: We’re not the average “group” or “clique”. We’re brothers who value things like loyalty and dedication. We display that to one another and we

use our beliefs and talents to honor God. We know he could’ve chosen anyone in the world to spread his message, but he chose us and we’re grateful for that.

T.Pope: We are three brothers from different mothers who love God, music and inspiring people.

Jimbo: We are a group of brothers! Not a rap group, but brothers who love God and love music.


How did the name Life Through Colors come about? What is the meaning behind it?


Rockette: The name came from a mutual friend. We feel like life is all about perspective. You can see it in black and white or you can see it through color.

T.Pope: The name was giving to us by a mutual friend. It represents how we view life. God for us all.

Jimbo: Life Through Colors was given to us by a mutual friend. You can view the world through your eyes which is black and white, or you can view it through God’s vision, which has the beauty of color

in it.


You all just released a new album. What can we expect from this album and can you give us a bit of information on the album?


Rockette: You can expect the truth. This album is filled with situations we dealt with in life and we express our feelings about those situations. We don’t hold anything back.

T.Pope: Aftermath is a reflection of individually. Things happened in the past and other things happened recently including people starting with us and then leaving us. We just want to move on

and trust God’s mission for us.

Jimbo: It’s a motivational album. It’s raw. It’s grimy but yet it is uplifting at the same time.


What sets you aside from other artists?


Rockette: The thing that sets us aside is the fact that we don’t fear what people may think about us or the things we say. We’ll go where other artists won’t go lyrically.

T. Pope: Our lyrics are direct, straight truth and edgy. Rare but we go there.


If you had the opportunity to perform with any artist. Who would that be and why?


Rockette: I would perform with Lecrae because I’ve been to one of his concerts and that brother is nice on the stage. I like his delivery and how he keeps the crowd hype.

T.Pope: I’d perform with Lecrae. He’s nice at what God called him to do.

Jimbo: I would perform with Andy Mineo. That dude is a crowd rocker!


Was rapping something you always wanted to do? When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in the industry?


Rockette: Music was always something I enjoyed. As a child I would often write songs. I tried several things before committing myself to pursuing a music career. None of them worked,

because my heart wasn’t into it. Once I realized that, I decided to “chase my dream”.

T.Pope: I always dreamed of being in the NBA or a legendary rapper. Basketball didn’t quite work out but my dream of rapping is still promising.

Jimbo: I always wanted to be a radio disc jockey, and I still want to! I always have been a music lover/hip-hop junkie. I DJ’d at local parties and also used to rap with a group in high school.


Any upcoming project, tours that you’re working on?


Rockette: Right now we’re focusing on promoting our new album entitled “Aftermath” which was released Oct 11th.

T.Pope: We just dropped an album past October. Just pushing that and taking advantage of every opportunity we get to minister.


How can the readers keep up with you?

(Twitter, FaceBook, etc)? PM

From left to right: Jimbo the Jet, T. Pope, Rockette (Photo by Michael Moore)


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