Jaqueline Fleming “Under One Roof” Pilot Project

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Under One Roof – Jaqueline Fleming

Is a television pilot-project that has come about through a natural progression. I had been a working actor in Hollywood for over 10 years before coming to New Orleans for a New Years Eve party in 2008. There was a writers strike in Hollywood so I decided to stay for a while, first volunteering at Children’s Hospital, which then turned into me volunteering for an after school childrens acting program at City Cathedral Church. Soon after I decided to lay a foundation down and opened Jaq’s Acting Studio. Since 2009, Jaq’s Acting Studio has taken kids and adults with dreams of being in Television and Film and catapulted them into the entertainment industry. Our acting students can now be seen on dozens of television shows such as HBO’s ‘Treme’, A&E’s ‘Breakout Kings’,” The Game”,  films such as ’21 Jump Street’, ‘Contraband’, ‘The Last Exorcism’, Django Unchained etc. (visit for more success stories.) In the beginning most of these actors had no experience but lots of talent and training so I decided it was time to lay down another foundation, which led to the launch of Proclaim Talent Agency in 2010.


The Story

In this natural progression in 2011, ‘Under One Roof’ surfaced. I noticed a lack of half hour sitcoms here in New Orleans. Also the lack of minorty females, being represented on the production side of our entertainment community. So in July, my writing partner Brian Stapf and I created ‘Under One Roof’. It’s a contemporary story of Jaqueline Davis; a single mother after a 10 year divorce, whose lost her job and is raising her, aspiring musician son DJ. The straight A student and talented musician, DJ gets in trouble with the law resulting in the Judge mandating that her ex-husband Daryl Wright Sr. must take in DJ and his Mother, or DJ will have to spend the next year and a half in a boot camp.

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