J Moss album “Grown Folks Gospel” debuted on Billboard at #1

News & Entertainment / December 10, 2014

Sylvia:   You’ve been highly blessed and anointed to sing, compose, produce, and as well as arrange for many notable artists in both the sacred, as well as the secular world. So what was life like for you as a child before you became J. Moss The Entertainer?

J Moss:  Just a normal kid out of Detroit doing my thing just trying to keep with the gang, basically, you know, my friends, but that was very, very short-lived. My daddy stuck a mic down my throat when I was about five or six-years-old so I only had a couple of years to actually do that.

Sylvia:   So who was your greatest inspiration, the one or ones who had the greatest influence on you as an artist?

J Moss:  Oh, just mom and dad. Dad, I didn’t want to do any of this stuff, but he just pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and then, of course, him and his artist side coupled with my mom spiritual side just really helped create a balance. So as I grew up and came into my own it was those two elements that really, really help mold and shape me. Those were the two main ingredients of what J. Moss would become today and I really, really appreciate them and afford a lot of who I am today to them.

Sylvia:  As we know it’s been about ten years since the release of “The J. Moss Project”. What do you feel was that pivotal moment that convinced you to go back into the musical laboratory and to create your new album, “Grown Folks Gospel” which debuted on November 25th of this year?

J Moss:  Just that actually trying to be different. Not just putting another record out there with my voice on it. It’s really trying to be impactful. Trying to find a void that we can fill and give them a record that they’ve never heard before and a record that only I can do. And that’s not easy to do, but when you have a great team behind you such as PAJAM, myself and you have a drive and you have a focus you can make a lot of these things happen. We just put a lot of hearts and minds together. Of course, I consulted God with it, and He gave us this concept of Grown Folks Gospel.  It’s a record that’s smooth yet it’s hard. It encompasses love yet it deals with loneliness and hopelessness, and encouragement and then tells how to deal with discouragement. This record is that record that you can put on when you’re deep into whatever it is you’re deep into. If you’re deep into love it’s for you. If you’re deep into a bottomless pit kind of state it speaks to that person and for the lonely woman who wants to have that companion in her life but she’s committed to God so she wants to wait and do the right thing there’s lyrics on there for her. You know, of course, the duet that I did with Faith Evans, “You Make Me Feel,” the loss of that really just sets the atmosphere for a great meditation with God or if you’re just hanging with your spouse or your loved one and you just want to have a good time, you’re on date night and you don’t want to flip over the water colors, the jazz station or anything like that you can play this record and not feel like, “Oh my goodness, I’m at church, but I’m not in that kind of mood right now.” This is that kind of record that you can play and pretty much will set the theme and tone for where you are.

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J Moss CD is available now. Get your copy today. For more information, follow J Moss on Twitter and Instagram at @InsideJMoss; on Facebook at and online at

Grown Folks Gospel track-list:

1. Your Work

2. You Make Me Feel (Feat. Faith Evans)

3. Pour Into Me

4. Nothing (Feat. PJ Morton)

5. It Is What It Is

6. Hanging On (Feat. Wayman Tisdale)

7. Alright Ok

8. Beyond My Reach (Feat. Fred Hammond)

9. Fall At Your Feet

10. Everyday (Feat. 21:03)

11. Faith


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