Diddy Confirms He Pays Sting $5,000 Per Day For Uncleared Song Sample

Breaking News / Music / News & Entertainment / April 7, 2023

A clip of Sting on the Breakfast Club in 2018 has been recently making its rounds on social media through the eye-opening business arrangement it revealed.

In the clip, The Police frontman was asked if it’s true he gets paid $2,000 a day by Diddy for the initially unauthorized use of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” on Diddy’s 1997 song “I’ll Be Missing You.”

“Yeah, for the rest of his life,” he replied. “It ain’t fake news.”

Sting also noted that Diddy asked for permission to use the sample, but only after the song was released. “We’re very good friends now. … It was a beautiful version of that song.”

Not only did Diddy confirm this revelation on Twitter after he saw the clip, but said the amount he actually pays sting is more than twice as much.

“Nope,” he captioned his post containing the video. “5K a day. Love to my brother [Sting]!”

Diddy reportedly pays $2,000 a day to the artist Sting for sampling his hit song “I’ll be Missing you” dedicated to rapper Biggie Smalls without permission “We are very good friends now”

I Be Missing You” features Faith Evans and 112 and serves as a tribute to his late friend and associate, the Notorious B.I.G. who was murdered just a few months prior.

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