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Health & Beauty / May 29, 2014

The secrets to being sexy, healthy, and happy are within reach; it begins with an appreciative look in the mirror. Expensive products are not needed to attain true beauty, just a positive outlook and healthy habits. All a person needs is confidence, a balanced diet, moderate activity, and solid sleep to become sexy, healthy, and happy.

Do you want to be sexy? Then you have to feel sexy. Confidence is the key to feeling gorgeous and exuding sex appeal. Begin with good posture: stand and sit with your back straight, maintain eye contact during interactions, and smile. Get a good haircut, keep those nails manicured, and wash daily with your favorite scent. Wear clothes that fit well, but are not too tight, and accessorize minimally. Believe that you are wonderful, that you look great, and you will feel sexy.

Do you want to be healthy? Stop smoking and pay attention to your diet. Drink lots of water and avoid caffeine products. Consume fruits and vegetables and nibble on snacks like carrots and almonds rather than chips and candy bars. Enjoy a salad for lunch with vinaigrette dressing rather than ordering pizza or picking up a fattening deluxe cheeseburger and fries. If you want to be healthy, then good eating habits must be created and maintained. In combination with a healthy diet, moderate activity will need to be included.

Moderate activity does not mean regular exercise classes, unless that is your preference. Climbing the stairs to reach your 5th floor office rather than take the elevator, and dancing around your apartment with 5 pound weights will do the trick. Keeping active boosts heart rate and blood flow and keeps muscles moving properly. An active body has good tone and strength, and that good blood flow helps with a healthy complexion and the release of endorphins: the natural pain suppressant and mood enhancer.

Do you want to be happy? Happiness begins in the brain. Is your brain well rested? If you are a workaholic and think that a couple hours of sleep are all that is necessary for top performance, you are mistaken. The human body craves to reset itself and recharge, which requires deep sleep. An adult needs between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night for full brain function. Without this deep sleep, folks tend to have unpleasant dispositions and are prone to forgetfulness. Deep sleep allows the body to awake fresh and on top of things. Much like an appliance that has a full charge, the human body is operating at full capacity after a good night’s sleep and it shows in decision making and mood.

Happiness levels grow when the body is well rested and an optimistic view is developed. As a person learns to see the good in their personal and work lives, happiness grows. When people connect with other people, happiness grows. When people are open to loving other people and their pets, happiness grows. When people have lots of money, happiness grows. I’m just kidding on that last part. Money helps pay the bills and buy “stuff” but can never buy happiness. Happiness comes from within.

The truths of being sexy, healthy, and happy are easy to discover and implement in your life. The cosmetic industry will have us believe that “sexy” can be found in a bottle or cream, but the truth is… a confident person creates their own sex appeal. If people want to be healthy they don’t have to participate in the latest fad diet, they can adjust their own menus and develop a healthy glow just by drinking water and eating right. If people search for happiness, they should never look externally. Happiness is a state of mind and a positive outlook coupled with good rest will produce wonderful results. To be sexy, healthy, and happy a person should begin with one purchase: a new mirror.

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