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Artist Spotlight: Tamara Bubble

Jasmine:  Who is Tamara Bubble? Tamara: I’m and entertainer, actress, songwriter and model. I write and perform Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and Soul from Brooklyn, New York  (Fort Greene). Tamara is my middle name. ‘Bubble’ was given to me lol … when guys said it, it was out of pure lust lol.  When girls…



Jasmine:  Who is Tamara Bubble?

Tamara: I’m and entertainer, actress, songwriter and model. I write and perform Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and Soul from Brooklyn, New York  (Fort Greene). Tamara is my middle name. ‘Bubble’ was given to me lol … when guys said it, it was out of pure lust lol.  When girls said it, it was because of my personality.

Jasmine:  How would you define your sound?

Tamara: Real, raw and undefined. I’m a solo act. No hypeman needed.  I write about the good, bad and ugly.  I sing everything from Baritone to Soprano.  I get really aggressive when I rap and a little softer sassiness when I scat as well as a whole lot of soul mixed in with some plain ol goofball. The best way to figure me out is to try not to.  Just when you think I remind you of one artist or I’m going to be the next so-and-so, I’ll drop something completely different and do some completely fresh concept.  I like to keep you on your toes. I write about what’s real to me because that’s what people can relate to. Every song is not going to be about the club because everybody ain’t got club money every night of the week.  Errrrbody ain’t got it like that! Somebody got kids at home that they should be feeding. Somebody in college struggling with Ramen noodles and exams. Somebody in 5th grade getting bullied. Somebody’s girl is falling in love again for all the wrong reasons. Somebody is just like me. The funny thing is that I can’t accurately describe all those songs, all those situations in ONE GENRE! I’m all over the place with it because I’m influenced by sooooo many different genres.  I like to blend multiple genres in one song! It’s so sexy. It’s so creative and the music is just beautiful when you’re free to create like that.

Jasmine:  You’ve written songs that tackles real issues such as To Kill A Baby, Pull Them Pants Up, Stupid Mother, Living It Up, etc. What inspires you to write about social issues in society?

Tamara:  My concepts are comical, powerful and sexy! I write about love and communication mostly, but I also have topics about partying, social issues (everything from overcrowded prisons to murder to sagging pants), my personal experiences and even taboo subjects in the industry. There is definitely an ugly side to the entertainment industry and not many people expose that side when it’s very real. I write about the scams, the double standards, all that juicy stuff lol.  The songs about society came about out of just timing.  My twitter timeline was LIVE when the Sandy Hook took place. How do you explain 20 elementary student being killed for no apparent reason. And what person would do such a thing. I wrote “To Kill A Baby” at that moment. Just to explain how everyone was feeling. The pain. The anger. The disgust.  Same with “Pull Them Pants Up”.  I constantly see guys (and some girls) sagging their pants and it’s disgusting lol. I always say, we’re both thinking the same thing, I’m just disgusted enough to write a song about it.

Jasmine:  Was music something you always wanted to do? If not, what made you want to get into music?

Tamara: It wasn’t just music, it was entertaining in general. I love singing, acting and modeling. I L-O -V-E the camera! I always did stupid little ‘entertaining’ things around the house until somebody got annoyed. I used to sing until my sisters told me to shut up and then I’d get louder. They would tell Mommy on me grrrr.  I was on my way to becoming a superstar accountant until I took a sabbatical from work. I wanted to see if entertaining was something I could do as a career and not just a hobby. I met a producer in Queens at my first professional photoshoot. He was looking for someone to lay some reference vocals to some tracks he produced to submit to Jazmine Sullivan for placement.  After I saaang for him lol, he asked me “Do you write?” I said “I do now!”. I went home and wrote 10 song in like 2 hours. Once I put the melodies to the music, I had caught the artist bug, bad!

Jasmine:  Tells us more information about your album P.S.A?

Tamara: P.S.A is an EP that addresses social issues! The theme song is “Do Your Part” and it’s all about doing your part to make society better. One person can’t change the world, but if everyone chips we can make a difference.  Each song address another issue and I wanted to do my part an entertainer with some positive messages in music. It’s such a good feeling to be able to help out in any way you can.


Jasmine:  What are you currently working on?

Tamara: I just released a brand new single “Living It Up” off my upcoming EP.  It’s available on my official website or iTunes . Right now, it’s summertime and time to barbecue, celebrate, go on vacation and just have some fun.  So I wanted people to have some feel good music and get back to dancing.


Jasmine:   Anything you wish to say to your fans and readers?

Tamara: Stick with me.  I’m working hard so you don’t have to. Just enjoy the music!

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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: New Era

Brieyon McBride, also known as New Era, is a young, talented recording artist, songwriter and self-taught music producer from Toledo, Ohio. Era chose to pursue a career as a rap artist because he’s always felt that music was his best way to “get away” from reality and be free, no matter if it’s written, performed…



Brieyon McBride, also known as New Era, is a young, talented recording artist, songwriter and self-taught music producer from Toledo, Ohio. Era chose to pursue a career as a rap artist because he’s always felt that music was his best way to “get away” from reality and be free, no matter if it’s written, performed or produced. He also feels that music is his best way to express himself.



For those who don’t know who New Era (Brieyon McBride) is. Can you tell us a little more about yourself?

I’m a young, talented rap artist, producer, songwriter and sound engineer born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I’m 19 yrs old with hopes and dreams of owning a record label one day.

How did the name New Era come about? What is the meaning behind it?

The term “era” means “starting point or new beginning”. I came up with the name New Era because I feel that every day is a new beginning and another opportunity to accomplish something you’ve always wanted to.

In 2012 at the Martin Luther King Unity Celebration you performed a song called Wake Up. What was that experience like for you?

Performing at the MLK Unity Celebration was an experience like no other. It was my first time performing in front of a huge crowd, so I was a little nervous. After the event I felt like a celebrity! I was interviewed by a lot of local news stations and was acknowledged by the Mayor.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life and what lessons did that person teach you?

My Dad’s always been the biggest influence in my life. He’s the hardest working man I know. He’s always taught me that if you want something, you have to go and get it. Nothing will be handed to you in life. He’s also taught me that when you’re doing something, to not just do it, but to do it well. I’m very fortunate to have someone like him in my life.

Was music something you always wanted to do? When you did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in the music and entertainment industry?

I’ve always loved music since I was a kid. Every song I heard on the radio, I would try to make a remix and write my own lyrics to them. I started songwriting and producing music at the age of 14 and have been ever since. I dream of owning my own record label one day.

What sets you aside from all other artists?

I would probably say my drive sets me aside from other artists. I’m a self-driven individual. I wanted to learn how to make beats and produce songs, I taught myself that. I know a lot of artist that depend on someone else to make their beats or record their songs. I make my own beats and record my own songs.

If you had the opportunity to perform with any artist. Who would that be and why? 

Meek Mill. I’ve always loved his music and can relate to him in a way. He’s another influence I have. Meek taught me that you can overcome any obstacle in life no matter what it is.

Any upcoming album releases and if so when can we expect it?

Happy New Era the mix tape will be released January 1st, 2014.

If anyone wanted to book you for an event, how could they go about it?  

For booking or anything business related, you can contact me at

How can the readers keep up with you (Twitter, FaceBook, etc)?  

Twitter/Instagram: @brand_new_era

FaceBook: Brieyon NewEra McBride

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Artist Spotlight

Tara Robinson

When and where were you born? I was born on 5 Sept in Alexander City, AL but I grew up in Montgomery, AL In 1991, I see that you were married .What attracted you most to your husband? Dang I’ve never been asked that question before during an interview. I see you go straight to…




When and where were you born?

I was born on 5 Sept in Alexander City, AL but I grew up in Montgomery, AL

In 1991, I see that you were married .What attracted you most to your husband?

Dang I’ve never been asked that question before during an interview. I see you go straight to the hard questions. But yes I met my husband when I was 18 and we took our vows about four months later. What attracted me most to him was the way he treated me. Open the door for me, etc., those little things that a lot of men take for granted in a women. He showed me a lot of respect and attention, and whenever I did little things for him he was grateful for it. And did I forget to say that he was one tall, sexy a#% man.  After we met and started dating I don’t think it was one day that we wasn’t together, or he wasn’t calling me or me calling him. It was a spark there from the start and we knew it was something special between us. When we found out I was pregnant it was a shock to the both of us. We had to make some difficult decisions because at the time being a single parent was not the step that I wanted to take again. We both needed a breather and time to think. I’m embarrassed to say this but I needed time to think on if I was going to terminate or keep this baby. At the time he had to leave to conduct some military training for a few weeks. I felt this happen at a good time because it would give us the space apart that was needed for us to think things through. When he came back from his military training to my shock he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, he said being away from me those weeks all he could do was think about us, and our baby that was growing inside me. He went on to tell me how much he loved me and this baby, and wanted us to be a family. The strange thing about this was while we were talking Jodeci “Forever My Lady” song was playing on the radio. This is a song that was special to us then and even now when we hear it, we get so emotional, because it has such deep meaning to the both of us.

Was it hard settling down into married life?

It was at first, you have to understand that we was young when we was married, we had a lot of obstacles against us. We had the baby momma drama coming at us full force and even more after she found out that we were married. It’s funny now but at the time this was a serious headache. One thing I can say is that when it comes to baby mommas we had one that loved using the child for her own personal gain basically to cause confusion, and just had pure jealousy because of the fact the man chose to be with someone other than her. And on the flip side of things we also had the baby momma that was the complete opposite, and more mature about the situation. There was a lot going on and it seemed the drama was coming from all directions. Yes it caused us to argue and early on have a degree of difficulty in our relationship. But at the same time it was bringing us closer together. Throughout the years things begin to become so much clearer and clearer to us, and we became wiser and wiser, and we worked harder and harder to keep our marriage intacted.

How are you able to juggle being a mother, wife, soldier, and President of your own companies?

It’s hard because all of these are full-time jobs…First of all God, my marriage and kids will always come first. And when it comes to my business, there have been many nights that I’ve stayed up until the morning hours making sure that my businesses is where it needs to be. Whenever I have a vision and a goal, I do whatever is necessary to achieve success with it. It takes a lot of hard work on my part but at the same time I know that nothing comes easy. I try to make sure I’m not neglecting any of the titles I hold. It takes a lot of organization and a lot of multi-tasking. But I do believe that in the long run all the hard work I’m doing will pay off.

In 2009 you wrote and recorded the album: I’m Free Reloaded”, what was your inspiration when recording this album? Tell us a little about this Album.

OMG…that’s my baby right there. I was going through a tough time in my life. You have to understand this question is somewhat on a personal side to me, because to answer it truthfully, I have to allow you into a part of my life that very few is aware of. But at the same time I have to be honest. So here goes..At the time I was still dealing with a very traumatic event that happened, that turned my life upside down.  I was in a very dark place. A suggestion was for me to have a diary and write down my feelings. And this was something that I started doing.I started looking back at my life, and did a lot of soul searching. Later I decided to write a song and I titled the songs I’m Free and I’m Free (Remix).When I went in the studio and recorded them, it was my way of crying, screaming and releasing a lot of built up hurt, pain, and anger. But at the same time I was freeing myself from all of that, and moving past all of it. This album tells a story. And a story that I believe a lot of people can connect with. It dealt with love, pain, and life. But at the same time on this Album I wrote the song L-O-V-E, Yours Forever, & Running Back To You. It was something that I wrote and dedicated to my husband. Because through all that I was going through, he was there for me, he didn’t judge me, and through it all he help pull me out those dark days that I was going through. With music I realized that I had a way to express my feelings and in return maybe my songs could help someone else that may have been going through what I had to endure. Me doing this has helped me through a lot of tough times. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to play your own CD and it’s something that even on those bad days make you feel a little bit better. That’s how “I’m Free Reloaded” came about.

Do you write your own songs?

Oh yes. I write all my songs. I think that is what makes it more personal.

Is there any particular song from the Album that is your favorite? Least favorite?

Like I said before I’m Free Reloaded was my baby, this was my first Album and even now I can sit and listen to it all day, and when I have those bad days I listen to it, because it helps me through still. I love all the songs.

I see that you’re in the military, what has this experience been like? What inspired you to enlist?

The military was always something that I wanted to do. My uncles served and serve and also my husband is also military. I wanted to wait until my kids were a little older before I enlisted. One day I realized that I wasn’t getting any younger and I told my husband that I thought it was time for me to enlist. So in 2001 I went and enlisted in the U.S. Army. I was in BCT (Basic Combat Training), when Sept 11th happen, and I knew then that my decision to join was the right one. My experience has been great over all. The military has taught me a lot of things. I think that is where alot of this tanacity in me come from.

Has there been anything that has made you a stronger and wiser person throughout your life?

There are too many things to put on paper; we will be here all day with this. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, I’ve trusted people to much, and I’ve done things that I realized later on that it was stupid. Sometime I would make a mistake and then go and make the same mistake again. I think this is life. But throughout the years I’ve learned to let things go and live my life as best I can. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t please everyone, so don’t try. Make sure that you’re pleasing yourself and making yourself happy, as long as it is something that will help you and not harm you. A lot of time it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. There hasn’t been just one thing that has made me a stronger or wiser person. It has been a lot of things that has made me this way.

Who is your favorite actor/actress?

This is another hard one because I don’t have just one favorite actress or actor. But to name a few, Shemar Moore, and Denzel Washington (of course) and as far as actresses Angelina Jolie is top. I just love watching anything that she is in because she is such a wonderful actress and advocate.


Who is your favorite music Artist?  

I will say my top and most notable is Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, and Shirley Caesar. 

What are some of the things that motivate you?

I look around me and listen to the news and see so much destruction, and despair in the world. The economy is bad right now, and unemployment is at record high, but I know sooner or later I have to leave this world behind and when ever my day comes I want to know that I made a positive impact somehow and in some way. Each day I wake I give thanks to the man above for allowing me to see another day, and then I try to surpass what I did the previous day. I actually sit down and write out my realistic goals and research and see what I need to do to achieve those goals, and then I work on achieving them. Once I achieve those goals, I then set more realistic goals for myself and follow the path at which I need to achieve those. I won’t to be someone that my children, my family, and most of all myself can be proud of. As I said before I want to leave a positive mark in this world.


In March 2011 you released your album titled “Wrapped Up In Your Love”, what was your vision for this Album?

This album was an uplifting album, it also dealt with something that I had been going though in my life, and some things I saw through the eyes of others. At the time I was in studio recording this, my husband received orders to deploy, and during this time I wrote a song that I named “My Soldier Song”. It was heartfelt being in studio singing it, because it went deeper than any of the other songs that I wrote previously for him. He was in an unknown situation, and I was always praying that God would bring him home safely. This album went in a lot of directions, and I tailored it toward many directions. In my first Album and this one, I always wrote it as a story and song it as one.


Is there any song from this Album that you love the most? The least? Tell us a little about this album.

Now my favorites on this Album is “My Soldier Song”  and Reborn…As I said before that My Soldier Song is about my husband, and about how I felt when he was deployed. Reborn deals with some personal things that I was feeling also.  


In 2011 you started Prestige Magazine. What was your vision and inspiration for P- Magazine?

I wrote a short book back in 2008, I received some input from some who read my book that it helped them deal with some of the same issues that they was going through. I started in the music business, writing a book, and other things. I wanted to be a voice for others and that outlet for those that want to get their name and/or business out there but at the same time focusing on today’s issues that affect a lot of us, some in their day to day lives. This magazine is informative and at the same time it’s a positive source that educates, inform, and incite the young and the old.


Is there something that caused you to make a life changing choice?

Yes as I said before that I’ve had to deal with some traumatic events in my life that caused me to do a lot of soul searching. Some situations worse than others, but I’ve been down on my knees at times praying to God to see me through it, I’ve spent some days and nights crying, just emotionally drained. This was affecting my relationship with all those around me, and I felt myself pulling farther and farther away from my support system. I felt that those who were closes to me that knew my situation didn’t and couldn’t understand what I was feeling inside, and so I would shut them out. I was criticized so much so with people saying some of the cruelest things, and never even knowing ME. I had to make changes within my life, I had to make changes within myself. It was a choice that I don’t regret. There’s a quote that I love by J.M. Barrie that says “ The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another, and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he vowed to make it.” The most useless, are those who never change through the years. But the question to ask yourself is how many of us really do plan out lives and set goal and objectives that we hope to achieve?  As I sat and do this interview it takes me back a little because in a way I’m allowing others into a part of my life. And that’s hard for me.

What is something that has inspired you?

On January 20, 2009 a man was sworn into office as the 44th President of The United States. This was a historical day because President Barack Obama was the first African American to hold that office. This was something that none of us ever imagined,  that there would ever be a African American sitting holding the title of President of the United States. This is just one of many situations that have inspired me throughout the years. Even though others may be against you, the odds might be against you. You have to press on because there may be something around the corner that even surpasses the goal or dream that you’ve set in motion.

What sets you aside from all other artists?

I wanted a different sound, a way to make my own mark. When you listen to my Album you hear just that. The songs are more personable. Each one tells a story. Whether it’s about the joy of love, trials of life in general, and also pain. You come away each time knowing what the meaning is, and possibly even relating to it in general.

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist?

I think it’s not being able to promote my music the way I wish, not being able to perform at different venues when I’ve been inviting to. As a lot of people know one of the main hats I hold is serving in the U.S. Army. I get up every day and put this uniform on and serve my country. And by doing this I haven’t been able to fully promote my music the way I should. But no matter what I think things happen for a reason, and my day will come.

What advice can give an upcoming artist who wants to break into the business?

A good friend Adina Howard said something to me that stuck with me because it is so true; she said that as a singer you always have to work to better your craft. And what she meant by that is as a singer you have to always work at becoming a better singer, or whatever it is you do. If it’s singing then that means continuous voice coaching, and learning the music. I think just everything to better yourself as a singer. Another thing is if you’re an artist that writes your own lyrics. I cannot stress it enough to get your lyrics or beat copyrighted before even releasing the song or songs. Get into a good studio and record your music. Once you complete your album always make sure that you get your album mastered. And most of all be prepared to work hard at producing your best. I spent a lot of night up late writing my music, decided what direction I wanted my album and songs to go in. It took a lot of hours in studio, and a lot of planning. It’s not easy. But in life what is.

If you could sing with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Most definitely it would be Patti Labelle and Shirley Caesar. They have always been two artists that I have looked up to as singers.

What did you do before becoming an artist?

I’ve done so much. As I said before, I was serving my country fulltime in the military and I continue to, at the same time I’ve been president of my own company JTR Enterprises.  

If anyone wanted to contact you or book you for an event, how could they go about it?

It depends on what they’re trying to get in contact for:). For Prestige Magazine they can email me at If it’s for the music side of the house then they can visit my website at or contact my booking agent Jasmine at

Check out the full article in the Fall Issue of Prestige Magazine


Tara Robinson-Wrapped Up In Your Love

Tara Robinson- My Soldier Song

Tara Robinson- L-O-V-E

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