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News & Entertainment2 months ago

Black Teenager Attacked by Corrections Deputy in Florida, Investigation Underway

A Florida corrections deputy has been placed on leave after going on the attack against a 17-year-old at a juvenile...

News & Entertainment2 months ago

Tamar Braxton Boyfriend Files A Restraining Order Indicating Domestic

Tamar Braxton boyfriend is running to court asking for protection against her in what he describes as a domestic violence...

News & Entertainment2 months ago

Bodies of US Couple Found at Bottom of Well in Mexico

The bodies of a missing US couple have been found at the bottom of a well in Mexico. Ian Hirschsohn,...

News & Entertainment2 months ago

2 Trump Supporters Arrested after They Chase Down and Beat BLM Protesters

At least 2 President Trump supporters — and members of the far-right group Proud Boys — were busted after chasing...

Breaking News2 months ago


Chadwick Boseman, the iconic “Black Panther” star, has died at age 43 after a 4-year battle with colon cancer. His...

Breaking News2 months ago

Jacob Blake Hospital Handcuffs Finally Removed

Jacob is no longer handcuffed to his hospital bed, his felony warrants have been vacated and police stopped guarding him...

News & Entertainment2 months ago

March on Washington 2020

Jacob Blake‘s father arrived to the “Commitment March” locked armed with supporters … saying his son’s fighting for his life....

Breaking News2 months ago

Son of Sweetie Pie’s owner charged in murder-for-hire plot that killed owner’s grandson

James Timothy Norman of Sweetie Pie‘s fame is facing federal charges alleging he conspired with an exotic dancer in the...

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