10 Ways To Make Your Time On Facebook Safer & More Enjoyable

Lifestyle & Love / October 31, 2011

Seem like almost everyone is on one of the major social network sites. But you have to remember that there is some information and details you should never divulge. We must always be diligent in protecting ourselves and our families while on these social networks. Setting your settings to Private may not be enough. Below are tips that can make your experience both safer and enjoyable.

1) Never reveal your full date of birth on your profile: Revealing your full date of birth could lead to identity theft. It’s better to only have the day and month.

2) Never Reveal Your Phone Number: You may have an ex that you don’t wish to reconnect with, or maybe someone that you prefer to not contact you at all. By posting your telephone number opens the door for them to contact you. Those who you wish to have your number, why not give it to them directly, or by text or email. This is safer then displaying it for everyone to see.

3) Your current location/That you’re not home: Come on let’s face the fact that not everyone you have on your page is your friend. Revealing this information can give thieves and crooks just what they need. You never know who’s watching on Facebook.

4) Constantly posting about being miserable: I bet you have had at least one friend who CONSTANTLY broadcasts how miserable/sad they are. Yes it could be a cry for help but at the same time we have those that do this simply to read all the ego-boosting comments that come in response to their post. Direct them toward getting some psychiatric counseling and see how quick they curse you out.

5) Embarrassing photos of yourself or your friends: Do I really need to speak on this…

6) Always sign out when you leave you computer: Question…………would you leave your credit card laying around where anyone could use it. Then why not sign out of Facebook. By not doing this it allows others to make post to your wall, read your inbox, and they could even play a practical joke on you. Just be sure to always sign out. And never check that button that keeps you logged in.

7) You don’t have to accept all Friend Request: As I stated before that not all your friends are your FRIENDS on facebook. If you don’t personally know the individual sending you the friend request, then why accept it. There have been many who set up fake Facebook accounts just so they can gain access to you. Such as creditors, private Investigators, sex offenders, police officers, and etc. And once they gain access believe me they will be looking at your postings, photos, and all your personal information. So be very careful when you accept Friend Request.

8 ) Take some time to check your spelling and grammar: I don’t know how many times I’ve came across posts that looks like it was written in Morse code. The spelling was so bad that I had to read it S-L-O-W-L-Y four or five times to try and understand what the heck the person was talking about. I know every now and then we will make a typo on a word or two in our post. But why on some pages it seems like there is a typo in every word. You know it’s English but it’s like they’re speaking in a foreign language. Why not check your grammar and spelling before you post, because if you want others to understand what you’re saying then why not travel in the direction of the basic English language, or spell check, maybe even investing in a dictionary.

9) Never make derogatory comments about your boss and/or job: There have been situations where someone has been let go from their place of employment due to this. It’s hard enough finding a job. And to be fired from one makes it even harder.

10) Gossiping and being messy: I can’t count how many times people have had brawls/fights on Facebook. Come on what sense does that make. While some may find that entertaining and funny, most people are trying to stay positive these days.

Paying attention and following these 10 tips will ensure your experience with Facebook will  be positive and safe.

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